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Being a German wine importer, we have travelled extensively through Germany’s 13 wine growing regions and have selected the best wines from the best producers, many of which are family-run businesses dating back hundreds of years.  Our producers share our passion for the very best wines and you will find below a brief introduction to each wine region and the producers we work with.


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This is Germany’s largest wine growing region, lying to the west of the Rhine with grapevines visible as far as the eye can see.  It is also one of the warmest and driest regions of Germany.  The soils range from loess and drifting sand to slate, volcanic rock and clay.  Thanks to these primeval sediments the grapevines are well nourished, but they have to put down deep roots in order to find sufficient water.   Rheinhessen is famous for its Riesling as well as the more traditional varietal; Silvana.  We have selected one superb producer from Rheinhessen, Weingut Wittmann.

Weingut Wittmann

The Wittmann estate is 100% organic and was one of the pioneers of organic viticulture...

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