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Sommelier Spotlight: Alex Dilley from Lime Wood Hotel

Alex Dilley Assistant Head Sommelier at Lime Wood Hotel

The WineBarn catch up with Alex Dilley, Assistant Head Sommelier at Lime Wood Hotel - a luxurious, yet laid-back hotel & spa in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire.

How would you describe the Limewood's wine selection?

I would say our wine list is strong in the classic areas, such as Bordeaux and Burgundy, but it also has a definite Italian focus, particularly Tuscany - the region which Luke and Angela have taken a lot of inspiration for their food from.


What attracted you to The WineBarn's wine selection?

My view is that The WineBarn has the best all round portfolio of German wines available of anyone in the UK, and it’s fantastic to be able to offer customers the chance to try something from a new region. Working with The WineBarn offers us this opportunity.


What is your opinion on the reception of German wine in your restaurant?

Fantastic. Both staff and customers almost universally enjoy German wine when they try it. I think over half of our Food & Beverage team would currently consider Göttelmann's 2016 Dautenpflänzer Dry Riesling as their favourite wine that we offer by the glass. With customers, it’s brilliant to be able to take them away from the misconception that all German wine is sweet, and introduce them to dry Riesling - and also just how good the quality of Pinot Noir in Germany is right now.

 Göttelmann 2017 Dautenpflänzer Riesling dry wine

Where is the wine selection of the Limewood heading in the coming months?

Whilst maintaining our traditional strengths, we’re looking to develop a few new areas, including adding a few more wines from different regions in Germany, and we're also looking at Portugal, South America and our dessert wine selection.


What’s your favourite food and wine pairing on offer?

On our tasting menu, the first course is always charcuterie, for which we are fortunate enough to have our own smokehouse in the grounds of Lime Wood Hotel, so all of our meats and salmon are smoked in-house. Being able to pair these with the aforementioned Göttelmann Riesling is an absolute joy. Being such an aromatic grape, the strength of flavour from the Riesling marries really well with the intense flavour of the charcuterie, and the acidity in the wine cuts right through the fat in the pork and salmon.

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