Sommelier Spotlight: Michael Raebel at Rosewood London

How would you describe the Rosewood London wine selection?

The current list at Rosewood London features around 500 wines. It is an eclectic mix of classic and unusual wines. Naturally, France is taking the lion share but we have a wonderful selection from Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, and the new world. 

I personally prefer a lighter style of wine. Guests will also find unusual wines from Macedonia, Lebanon, Austria, Portugal and Italy at Rosewood London. I love indigenous grape varieties and of high quality, as I believe strongly that only then can you convince the guest to try the unusual. My wine list features aged Rosé wines from Lebanon mingled with a good selection of German Pinot Noirs, Silvaner Grand Crus, Schioppettino and Ruche from Italy. But you will find as well your classic Bordeaux and Burgundy along with a Pinot Noir selection from Alsace.



What attracted you to your German wine selection?

Besides the fact that I am German and love the quality and style of German wine, I still think it is a novelty. Guests still think of German wine as sweet Rieslings and are surprised to try elegant, crisp and complex dry wines. I love as well to go beyond Riesling and promote different German varieties.

What is your opinion on the reception of German wine in your restaurant?

Guests are often surprised by the quality, it is not an easy sell, but I am serving a Grand Cru Pinot Noir by the glass and an affordable minerally Riesling by the glass. It works only by recommendation and being passionate about it.

Where is the wine selection of Rosewood London heading in the coming months?

The selection at Rosewood features a lighter style of wines during the summer months. High sales in Rosé, Chablis, Sancerre and Riesling are doing rather well.

What’s your favourite food and wine pairing on offer at Rosewood London?

One of my favourite pairings is Silvaner Kabinett by Wirsching with a dandelion courgette salad and goats cheese. It worked as well with our Green Asparagus dish with lemon mayonnaise, it was great.

Which area of wine is your passion?

I love unusual light wines but have a great love for Pinot Noir. Germany and Alsace fits in there very well as we are talking about a classic grape variety from an unusual area.

Were you up for the challenge of selling German wine, as the awareness of it in the UK is still fairly low?

I have a wide selection of German wines on the list, featuring 3 wines by the glass and 14 white wines and 8 red wines by the bottle.

Michael Raebel, Head Sommelier

Rosewood London

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