Bassermann-Jordan 2019 Jesuitengarten Riesling Grand Cru dry white wine

Bassermann-Jordan 2019 Jesuitengarten Riesling Grand Cru dry

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Vineyard: The “JESUITENGARTEN” is one of the very best vineyards in our neighbouring village of Forst and in the whole wine-growing area Pfalz (Palatinate) in Germany.
The “JESUITENGARTEN” is situated on a slope above the village of Forst – on its western brim. The vineyard is east-southeast facing. The soil of the vineyards in Forst is very particular. The word “Jesuitengarten” indicates that this piece of land was belonging to Jesuits-monks and was used as their garden to grow vines in their monastery.

Soil: Sandy clay earth with a very high content of basalt and some inlayers
of limestone.

Wine: The grapes come from the oldest plots of the Jesuit garden and are selectively harvested in several passes. Great importance is attached gently and the must is pre-clarified by sedimentation. Fermentation takes place for the most part in traditional wooden barrels with yeasts from the vineyard.
Pome fruit, citrus fruits, herbal spice and light smokiness characterise the aroma of the Jesuitengarten GG. 
On the palate and elegant wine with wonderful balance, typical minerality and some saltiness. This Riesling harmonises wonderfully with shellfish, mussels, fish and white meat, as well as with medium-strong vegetable dishes and discreetly spicy cuisine.
The Jesuitengarten will only reach its optimal drinking maturity in 5-10 years and will keep it for long time.

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.
Res. sugar: 5,8 g/l
Acidity: 7,0 g/l