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Bischel 2017 Appenheimer Hundertgulden Riesling dry white wine

Bischel 2017 Appenheimer Hundertgulden Riesling dry

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A very complex dry Riesling with dense fruit flavours. Minerality and earthy notes add to the taste experience. After airing, the full aroma of ripe fruit develops. A long, impressive finish is helped by a cool smokey minerality. On the nose, this white wine has aromas of fresh peach and apricot, paired with a spicy note of tea and tobacco.

Vineyards: The grapes are grown on the old vines of the Hungertgulden vineyard in Appenheim. The soil here is rich in marl and chalk stone formed from the coral reefs of the prehistoric sea, giving this wine its character. The steep, south-west facing vineyard provides optimum growing conditions for the grapes to slowly ripen, delivering a wine with a cutting edge minerality and clarity.

Vinification: The late harvest took place in stages, with the grapes picked by hand as they ripened. After the grapes were gently pressed, the juice ferments with wild yeast in large wooden casks. After eight months on the yeast, the wine was bottled.

Alcohol: 13,0% vol.
Red. sugar: 3,5 g/l
Acidity: 6,9 g/l

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