Wirsching 2020 Iphöfer Kalb Silvaner Premier Cru dry white wine

Wirsching 2020 Iphöfer Kalb Silvaner Premier Cru dry (0,75l)

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To the east of Iphöfen lies an independent mountain that was deforested in the Middle Ages and was therefore called "bald mountain". Here the gypsum content is higher and the wines are lighter in character.

Their Keuper soil is a sedimentary rock of clays interspersed with fine the thicker veins of gypsum. Keuper wines have power and a full boys, like the opulent marshlands in which the rock was formed. The older the vines, the better this so-called "terroir" can be tasted: subtle fruity notes, a spicy, herbal aroma and a strong, mineral flavour that lingers.

With the 40% share, Silvaner is the m most important grape variety there. They focus on Franconian dry Silvaner, i.e. without tastable sweetness. With Silvaner, you can feel the soil on which it was grown. That is why it used to be called "earthy". Silvaner is the ideal wine to accompany food, especially where food is prepared as gently and naturally as possible.

In the nose, it is discreetly fruity and finally aromatic, with a clear, slightly herbal-spicy character. The taste is balanced and rounder with a fine, pleasant acidity.

Drinking recommendation: Asparagus, fennel, onion, potatoes, vegetable stew, vegetable casserole, light fish cuisine, chicken, veal

Date of harvest: 21st September 2020

Drinking temperature: 10-12°C

Drinking window: Until 2027

Alcohol: 13,0% vol.
Res, sugar: 2,4 g/l
Acidity: 6,0 g/l