Allendorf 2014 Rüdesheimer Berg Roseneck Riesling Grand Cru Dry white wine

Allendorf 2014 Rüdesheimer Berg Roseneck Riesling Grand Cru dry 0.75l

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Vineyard: VDP.Grose Lage designate the highest quality vineyard sites in Germany. Here the best wines grow with a complex taste, expressive character and special maturity potential. The sites are carefully defined and narrowly demarcated into parcels by the VDP regional associations. The most distinctive Rheingau wines grow at the Rüdesheimer Berg. The name of the site comes from wild rose hedges that used to grow there. Today 50 years old vines grow on the slate and Taunus quartzite soils in the very barren steep slopes providing wines with an always recognisable taste.
It is important that the terror is supported and highlighted by the maturing process, but not masked. The vilification process is as multi-faceted as the vineyard itself. To support all individual characteristics, they apply various vilification processes to the batches: skin contact, stainless steal tank or wooden barrel, with whole grapes and spontaneous fermentation. The different characteristics are combined in a Cuveé to create a wine that is greater then the sum of its parts.
Wine: Delicate and playful at the beginning, then a fruit explosion combined with an elegant acidity. The name says it all: the scent of rose with fine minerality makes this wine our decathlete.
Allendorf's Grand Cru is aromatic and elegant. The wine exhibits a very fine notes of passion fruit, lime and peach.
This Riesling's fruitiness can also be distinguished in its taste and it has hints of minerality. It feels very smooth to the tongue, is harmoniously well-balanced and invites further tasting.

Food recommendation: This wine delighted as accompaniment to truffles, veal with mushrooms, and it is a must with lobster.

Alcohol:  13,5%
Residual Sugar: 4,3 g/l
Acidity: 7,3 g/l