K. F. Groebe 2019 Westhofener Riesling dry

K. F. Groebe 2019 Westhofener Riesling dry

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With the classification level VDP.AUS ERSTEN LAGEN Groebe distinguish first-class vineyard with their own individual character. The growing conditions for the vines must be optimal. Typically, this is reflected in the fact that wines from these sites have reliably shown high quality over a long period of time.
The grapes come from old Riesling vineyards in Aulerde and Kirchspiel. The harvest is in October for we get fully ripe Riesling berries with intense fruit flavours.
The grapes from Aulerde give the wine a rich and hints of exotic fruits, the ones from the Kirchspiel site its minerality and elegance.

Vineyard: From the glacial valley of the Rhine rise the south-south-east vineyards of Westhofen on to the edge of a plateau. Protected from the east and southeast slopes of the Kirchspiel the Aulerde is located in halfway up the slope. Both sites Aulerde and Kirchspiel classified as VDP Grosse Lage.

Soil: Aulerde is marked by loess loam and clayey location, even gravely sands in the ground. The skeletal structure is very low. A small part of real sand of the soil here is well drained and usually easy to edit in a low.
In the core areas of the Kirchspiel we are dealing with clay to do with strong skeletal limestone deposits. The deeper soil is dominated by limestone rocks.

Wine Writer, Matthew Jukes, reviewed this wine in his 'Wednesday Wines' column;
"This is the richest and most layered of the trio and there is an extra dimension of juiciness and complexity here.  Plush and classy, there are faint violet tones among the pliant fruit and there is luxury and decadence in every sip.  While this is a flamboyant wine it is kept in balance by beautifully refreshing acidity and it is this dramatic finish which makes this wine such a success."

Alcohol: 13,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 6,5 g/l
Acidity: 8,1 g/l