St. Urbans-Hof 2019 Urban Riesling off-dry

St. Urbans-Hof 2019 Urban Riesling off-dry

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The Riesling is honest, authentic, with a true origin. That means that it had a complex, smoky and floral nose, a juicy, fruity elegant mouthfeel with a minerality that leaves s desire for the next sip.
This wine reflects the traditional taste profile of top quality Mosel Riesling wine: brilliant fruit, livery acidity, delicious on its own, or perfect accompaniment to light or spicy dishes.

Inspired but he "urban lifestyle" of many cities like New York, London, Moscow or Paris, winemaker and globetrotter Nik Weis decided to express this approach to life and pleasure through wine. Just as all famous cities have a genuine character and flair, Nik also thought of a wine whose individual character would stand out the average mass of wines. His non-Estate Mosel would never be a Riesling that could as well have anywhere else on the planet.

But how could one combine an urban lifestyle with a rather rural region like the Mosel valley is? Riesling is one of the world's most famous wines and has been consumed in the world's best restaurants and hotels already a century ago. Thinking of the contagious zest for life that Mosel people have, Nik Weis soon knew that his wine would bring the Mosel savour-vivre to the world's biggest cities back again.

Moving on to today, Urban Riesling had become a well-known and regularly-awarded wine brand which never forgot about its roots: The soil on which the vines grow consists of clue, highly decomposed slate ricks that give the wines their great minerality, meaning an appealing somewhat salty finish. The temperatures vary from warm during the day to cold at night. This lets the grapes keep their elegant and fruity acidity and makes them produce a wide range of beautiful flavours. The vilification takes place in a minimalistic way in order to make the wine as authentic as possible.

St. Urbans-Hof are a certified member of FAIR'N GREEN. FAIR'N GREEN is a recognised system for sustainable viticulture in Germany, covering areas of environmental protection and social responsibility. Wineries that are certified members uphold the highest standards in sustainable practice, working in harmony with nature. They are rigorously audited every year to ensure these standards are upheld.

Alcohol: 10,5% vol