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Wirsching 2020 Scheurebe QbA dry

Wirsching 2020 Scheurebe QbA dry

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In the Wirsching estate Scheurebe is well-known as a speciality. They see it as the regional pioneer for this grape variety. IN 1952 Hans Wirsching was actually the first to plant this extraordinary varietal in Franconia. With their long-term experience they. have become true experts in regards to this grape.

This Scheurebe Wien is a delight due to its fresh and fruity bouquet. Exotic aromas such as grapefruit and mango in combination with a subtle, yet refreshing acidity make this wine nice to drink.

Fermentation is effected at a lower temperature in comparison to their classical wines bottled in the Bocksbeutel. In that way the carbon dioxide is preserved giving the wine its tangy character and pleasant freshness.

Herbal grapefruit aroma, lifted and zesty. Creamy, generaous but with a zest of grapefruit. Terrific aperitif wine.

Aroma: Vital, fresh bouquet, hints of elder, grapefruit, citric

Taste: Fruty, dry, subtle acidity, fine exotic notes, light type

Drinking temperature: 10 Celsius

Alcohol: 12,5% vol.
Res. sugar: 7,7 g/l
Acidity: 6,0 g/l

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