Wirsching 2017 Iphöfer Kronsberg Scheurebe Alte Reben Dry German Wine

Wirsching 2017 Iphöfer Kronsberg Scheurebe Alte Reben Dry

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Wine: The grape variety "Scheurebe" is a specialty at the Wirsching wine estate. We are known as the local pioneer of this variety because in 1952 Hans Wirshcing was the first to plant the Scheurebe in Franconia. Our longtime experience has turned us into real Scheurebe experts.
This Scheurebe Alte Reben fascinates with its superb range of exotic flavours such a mango, passion fruit, grapefruit and lemon balm. Its full-flavoured aroma and harmonious taste are impressive.
In general, the appellation "Alte Reben" defines the vine's age of at least 20 years. In our estate, the grapes used for making such wines come from vines with and the average age of 40 years. Old vines have thick and much deeper roots enabling them to take up more extracts and minerals from the soil then young plants. That gives the wine its powerful character.
This wine suits perfectly to aromatic dishes like fruity or spicy meals from Asia cuisine or curry food. It is also going very well with aromatic cheese of just like a fine treat after a good meal.

On the nose are variegated aromas, brilliant, exotic character, grapefruit, mango, mint, cassis, and lychee.

On the palate is it full-bodied, off-dry acidity, long-lasting finish. extraordinary, high minerality and lovely acidity.

Best to drink: From 2021 until 2025

Alcohol: 13,5% vol.
Res. sugar: 6,9 g/l
Acidity: 6,3 g/l