Allendorf 2015 Winkler Riesling QbA dry

Allendorf 2015 Winkler Riesling QbA dry

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Moderately heavy wines with fruity playfulness are grown in this 26 hectare (64 acre) large vineyard site near the Rhine that benefits from a full southern exposure and deep calcareous loess soil. The fine acidity of these juicy and elegant wines also makes them well-suited for longer ageing.

Taste: An aroma of fragrant apples, ripe peaches and fresh chervil can be detected from each newly poured glass. The wine has a lively character complemented with the spirit of a summer breeze. It is robust, yet not too intense and can be enjoyed with every new sip.

Food recommandations: The wine perfectly accompanies fried fish, veal and shellfish.

Drinking temperature: 8 – 10 degrees

Alcohol:      11,5 % vol.
Acidity:       7,8 g/l
Res. sugar: 5,9 g/l