St.Urbanshof 2015 Estate Riesling QbA dry

St.Urbanshof 2015 Estate Riesling QbA dry

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The Estate Riesling comes form the vineyards which are located around St.Urbanshof. Around the estate is a 2-6m layer of alluvial sediments, like sand, gravel and clay, on a slate topsoil. The grounds have a large water supply which is very beneficial, especially in dry years.

Light and lively, our dry minded Gutriesling delivers a beautiful, refined acidity and aromas of dried and fresh spice. The fertile alluvial soils surrounding the estate land the Gurriesling its refined structure.
Beautiful pairing for grilled sea bream with fresh herbs and salad, veal dishes such as Vitello Tonnato and seafood pasta.

Drinking temperature: 6- 8 °C

Alcohol:          11.00%
Acidity:           9.7 g/l
Res. sugar:     12.1 g/l