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Knebel 2022 Riesling Röttgen Grand Cru dry white wine

Knebel 2022 Riesling Röttgen Grand Cru dry

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"Blue slate (which gives fruity, flowery wines, I'm told) but with visible iron oxide (which gives wines that are herbal, more introspective).

And that sums this wine up. Very elegant. Compact, serious, channelling mirabelle plums and soft sage leaves, and beautiful texture – could almost be tannins. Long and insistent. Full of quiet, flowing spirit."

Tasted by Tamlyn Currin,
wine writer for Jancis Robinson

A delicate yet powerful Riesling Grand Cru.

The wine's name 'Röttgen' refers to 'clearing', conveying the immense effort that was made when the vineyard site was prepared and vines were initially planted.

The vineyard in which these Riesling grapes were grown has soil rich in loess. This makes the soil soft and able to warm up quickly, retaining its heat. The high skeletal content also provides it with strength and substance. The high iron and mineral content of the soil can be seen in the rusty brown and yellow colours of the rocks. These qualities provide excellent growing conditions for the Riesling vines.

The Röttgen vineyard has VDP.GROSSE LAGE® (Grand Cru) classification, which is a guarantee of quality and signifies that this dry white wine comes from the very best of German vineyards. As such, this unique wine has great aging potential.

Grapes were farmed sustainable and carefully harvested by hand. The wine was fermented using natural yeast.

Alcohol: 12,0 % vol.
Res. sugar: 6,4 g/l
Acidity: 6,3 g/l