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The WineBarn Attend the VDP's Mainzer Weinboerse 2023

VDP Mainzer Weinboerse 2023
Quality is top our top priority when selecting wines for our portfolio. Many of the winemakers we have selected are members of the VDP - Germany’s association of elite wine producers. With that in mind, Iris, Elliott & Luca of The WineBarn team were recetnly in Mainz attending the VDP's Mainzer Weinboerse 2023 - Germany’s most prestigious wine trade fair for all of the VDP members - with a view to finding new vintages and exciting wineries.
They have found a couple of wine producers that will be joining our portfolio in early summer. Watch this space for some wonderful new wines!
Iris said, "It was a very tiring, exciting and funny trip two days and we enjoyed meeting the top producers of Germany’s wine world. It was the first time our young team members, Elliott and Luca, have attended a big wine fair. We got to  taste some old favourites and potential new ones for the portfolio. Watch this space!"
VDP Mainzer Weinboerse 2023

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