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The Grans-Fassian winery is located in Leiwen within the Mosel valley. The winery has 13 hectares of cultivated land - 90% is dedicated to the production of Riesling. The remaining 10% is Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. The steep, south west facing slate slopes provide the perfect microclimate for their vines. The Mosel valley’s cool weather conditions ensure that their grapes ripen slowly. As a result, the grapes retain a lively acidity and develop a variety of aromas. Grans-Fassian wines are characterised by elegance and minerality with an intense fruit taste.

Grans-Fassian are proud to be a member of the VDP - Germany’s association of elite wine producers and trademark of exceptional quality wine. Their wines are original, yet true to the region.

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