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Solter 2012 Rheingau Riesling Brut Reserve Sekt

Solter 2012 Rheingau Riesling Brut Reserve Sekt

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All of out Solter Brut Reserve Riesling Sekts grow solely in the steep vineyards of Rüdesheimer Berg Roseneck. They are all south-facing.

This sparkling Riesling shows fine facets of minerality, unique to the quartz and slate-rich vineyards the grapes were grown in. A high-quality Sekt, this wine has a complex aroma of peach and citrus fruit, as well as a remarkable freshness.

100% Riesling from Rüdesheimer Berg Roseneck (2012)
First fermentation in steel tank (no oak)
Bottled on 4th July 2013
On the lees for more than 42 months

Alcohol:           12,5% vol.
Res.sugar:       10,0 g/l
Acidity:            8,6 g/l


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