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Kranz 2017 Kalmit Spätburgunder Grand Cru dry red wine

Kranz 2017 Kalmit Spätburgunder Grand Cru dry

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"Certifed Ecocert organic. Partially de-stemmed with some whole berries in the fermenting must. Spontaneous fermentation. Delicate pressing. Aged in French oak for 18 months. Unfiltered.
My nose fills with a small of blood, ripe damsons, guava jelly and barberries. Mouth fills with a tang and dustiness of sumac, the fragrance of roses. The frit tastes like alpine strawberries. The wine is long, very long, and while it soars in the mouth like a murmuration of swallows, it also builds with this contradictory yet perfectly coordinated urgency, creating a Zen-like stillness at the center. Acidity dances through its dusky spaces like fireflies. Far more the grandest Spätburgunder of the tasting, this was hands down, my favourite." / Tamlyn Currin @ Jancis Robinson /
17.5 points

Site: The Pinot Noir grows in the top site Kalmit. The vineyards are exposed to the south. The "kleine Kalmit" is a little hill (272m) that was formed during Tertiary and the sinking of the Upper Rhine Rift. The areas around the Kleine Kalmit Hill in the Palatinate is called the classical square mile of geology because it consists of a unique combination of rocks. The soil is extremely calcareous. This southern slop of the kleine Kalmit is perfect for wines, of strong character and high maturity.

Wine: Cool-cherry - fruity nose, precise and herbal, clear chalky texture, juicy, very elegant, precise tannins, complex, long finish, fine barrique taste, Calcareous grip.

Vinification: After the manual harvest, the grapes are again sorted and partially de-stemmed at the winery. In some case they let whole berries co-ferment. The mash is gently filled into the fermentation tanks without pumping and ferments completely spontaneously with natural yeast. After fermentation, the mash was put into the press by hand and carefully pressed at low pressure. With the help of gravity they fill their barriques, which are made exclusively from French oak, with young red wine which now matures for 18 months until unfiltered bottling in the barrels.

Storage: More then 10 years.

Food recommendation: Boeuf bourguignon, grilled entrecôte roast beef with herb crust, coq au vin

Drinking temperature: 14- 16 Celsius

Alcohol: 13,0% vol.
Res. sugar: 0,5 g/l
Acidity: 5,8 g/l